The Case For Amber Green

The Case For Amber Green

"When it comes to successful advocacy for Wicomico County, Amber Green is second to none. In her service to Wicomico County, Amber Green has led efforts to remove racist confederate markers from the courthouse lawn, fought to empower our youth, enshrined human rights into local law, and worked to reduce homelessness in our county. Amber Green is the new bold leadership that the Wicomico County Council and District One desperately needs."- Jared Schablein, LSPC Chair

After years of loyal service to District One on the Wicomico County Council, Ernest Davis has decided to vacate his council seat to run for Wicomico County Executive. This opening on the council needs someone who can carry on the vital work Councilman Davis started and deliver results for the district on the Council. Due to her years of service to Wicomico County and fresh vision, there is no better candidate running than Amber Green to fill Councilmember Davis’ shoes.  

When it comes to serving the residents of District One and the entire county Amber Green is unmatched. In her day job, she serves as the Founder and Executive Director of The Fenix Youth Project, a non-profit youth organization that supports the youth in our community in two significant ways. The first way is empowering youth to use their creative talents in music, drama, dance, and visual arts to impact social change and improve the world around them. The second way is working to end youth homeless on the Lower Eastern Shore via Fenix’s drop-in center which provides other resources designed to empower and help our region’s youth get back on their feet.

Outside of her day job, Amber has honorably served our community on multiple state and local boards, including the Eastern Shore chapter of the Caucus of African American Leaders, Wicomico NAACP, City of Salisbury's Human Rights Advisory Committee, the Salisbury Lynching Memorial Task Force, board of the Chipman Cultural Foundation, and the Youth Development Advisory Committee. These roles on various boards and committees have given Amber the qualifications and experiences needed to be the best candidate to serve district one and the challenges the residents face.

With Amber Green on the Wicomico County Council, our county can finally see movement on common-sense legislation at the county level to build more affordable housing to end the housing crisis, ensure just and accountable public safety in our county, and bring a much-needed emphasis on youth development to our county government. We are proud to back her and encourage all Wicomico County District One residents to vote for her during the July 19th Primary and on Election Day November 8th!

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