• Ben Jealous Press release


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    Current Democratic candidate for Governor of Maryland and former President of the NAACP Ben Jealous is coming to the Lower Shore for a meet & greet!


    SALISBURY, MD February 3, 2018 --  

    The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus (LSPC), a non-partisan political activism group on the Lower Shore of Maryland, is proud to announce that Ben Jealous will be joining us this Saturday for a meet-and-greet.  Ben will be speaking about building progressive power on the Eastern Shore, and finally giving the Lower Shore the attention it deserves.  Ben will then take time to answer questions from the audience.


    Ben Jealous is a civil rights leader, community organizer, investor in startups for good, educator, former investigative journalist and a Rhodes Scholar who has spent his life bringing people together to get big things done.  At age 35, Ben was named the youngest ever President and CEO of the NAACP. Under Ben’s leadership, the NAACP underwent an unprecedented era of growth. In 2013, Ben was named Marylander of the Year by the Baltimore Sun because of the role he played in leading the effort to abolish the death penalty, helping assure the effort to pass marriage equality was successful, chairing the effort to pass the DREAM Act, and expand voting rights.


    Ben Jealous hopes to win the Democratic Primary and go on to face incumbent Larry Hogan.  Ben wants to make Maryland the first state to have single payer healthcare, and wants to improve education and move toward renewable energy.


    When and Where: 5:30 PM at the Poplar Hill Mansion at 117 Elizabeth Street

    Salisbury, Maryland 21801 on February 3rd

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  • Nina Turner Press Release


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    Our Revolution President and National Commentator Nina Turner to visit the Lower Shore to speak about progressive grassroots organizing in rural communities!


    SALISBURY, MD January 23, 2018 --  

    The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus (LSPC), a non-partisan political activism group, is honored to announce Our Revolution (OR) President Nina Turner as our monthly guest speaker at Salisbury University. Senator Turner joins us to speak about how to promote progressive policy in rural areas. The LSPC is the local affiliate of "Our Revolution," a national group that started to continue Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign energy with over 500 chapters nationwide.


    Senator Nina Turner is a CNN contributor and the host of "The Nina Turner Show." For over two decades, Senator Turner has been committed to improving the lives of working people, and has become one of the leading voices in progressive politics; in fact, many people suggest she run for President in 2020. Before being elected to the Ohio State Senate and elevating to Minority Whip, she served in the Michael White Cleveland Mayoral Administration. As Our Revolution President, Senator Turner advocates for the progressive values of economic, racial, environmental, and educational justice. 


    Our Revolution believes in economic prosperity for all, including rural areas like the Shore that have been ignored for too long. Access to education, affordable health care and increasing stagnant wages are Eastern Shore needs that OR and Senator Turner are addressing.


    When & Where: January, 25, from 5:30-8:00 PM, in Devilbiss Hall 123 at Salisbury University, 1101 Camden Ave, Salisbury, MD 21801.  

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  • LSPC FYP Partnership


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    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus and Fenix Youth Project Form Partnership To Better Serve the Lower Shore

    SALISBURY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 -- The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus and Fenix Youth Project are excited to announce that they will be forming a partnership to more constructively serve everyone, but more specifically, the youth, on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. This alignment will help strengthen youth activism and community organizing; advocate for criminal justice reform on a state and local level; and provide skills and opportunities to make legislative changes.

    “As a fellow youth activist, it’s important to give back and provide resources to other youth activists to get their voices heard,” said 22 year-old Chair of LSPC, Jared Schablien. 

    “We are in the middle of an uprising of young leaders and changemakers; as adults it’s our responsibility to prepare youth for the torch we must pass along to them,” said Amber Green, Executive Director of Fenix Youth Project. “This is our responsibility and I’m grateful that LSPC is willing to answer that call.” 

    This new and remarkable partnership will:  

    • Strengthen youth activism and community organizing in the Lower Eastern Shore region by offering workshops, classes, and opportunities to organize effectively in the community.
    • Put young voices of the Lower Eastern Shore on the frontlines of advocating for criminal justice reform on a state and local level.
    • Provide skills and opportunities to make legislative changes on a local and state level. 

    To get involved with either one of these organizations more information can be found at and


    About LSPC

    The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is a political and activist organization that covers Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties.The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is unaffiliated with any political party and is committed to empowering working people. We do that by building a Progressive Movement both locally and on a larger scale to elect progressive representatives, enact progressive legislation, and create a government that represents the many not just the powerful few by working to solve the economic, political, social, racial, and environmental injustices we face.    


    About Fenix Youth Project

    Fenix Youth Project Inc. is a 501(c) nonprofit based in Salisbury, MD. Fenix Youth Project Inc. believes that all young people should have equitable access to opportunities to develop their creative potential, live richer, fuller lives and develop the critical learning and life skills they need to become active contributors to their communities.

  • Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announces formation of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee

    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announces formation of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee

    Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore— 9/3/20  Today at their monthly member meeting, the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus announced the approval by the State Board of Elections of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee (LSPC PAC). 


    Mission Statement of the LSPC PAC:

    The mission of the LSPC PAC is to promote the election and re-election of candidates for public office who share the ideals and causes of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus.



                As part of the fundraising efforts of the LSPC PAC, the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is requesting contributions to the Political Action Committee so that they may begin their work to provide support to candidates and engage in voter outreach. For electronic donations please visit the Act Blue link at


    About the LSPC: 

    Founded in 2017, The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus (Formerly the Wicomico Progressive Caucus) is a non-partisan progressive advocacy group, formed to identify, recruit, and elect progressive candidates and to promote labor and other progressive issues.


    For more information, press only: 

    Jared Schablein, [email protected], 443.669.444

  • Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate.

    Lower Shore Progressive Caucus endorses Jessica Scarane for Senate. 

    SALISBURY, MD (July 13, 2020) -- This year, members of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus voted to support several progressive candidates running for office. With this goal in mind, we encourage all our friends on the Delaware side of the Eastern Shore to support progressive champion Jessica Scarane in her bid to unseat conservative, pro-corporateSenator Chris Coons in the 2020 Democratic Primary on September 15th.

    Jessica Scarane is the fresh new leadership that Delaware and the United States Senate desperately need after decades of massive wealth inequality, corporate pollution and climate change, an affordable housing crisis, and mass incarceration. Jessica’s campaign is a grassroots, people-funded movement that rejects all corporate PAC money. She is running on a platform that includes Medicare for All, a universal housing guarantee, a Green New Deal, and ending our nation’s endless wars These policies are crucial in America’s recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic and are critical for helping us build a better country and world.


    Scarane is challenging incumbent senator Chris Coons, who has spent his tenure in office compromising with Republicans on the backs of the most vulnerable. His vision of what is politically possible is far too small for the times we’re in. Senator Coons has confirmed over 120 of Trump's far-right judges and several key Trump cabinet appointees, pushed to keep troops in Afghanistan, and publicly opposes many of the policies in the Delaware Democratic Party state platform, including a $15/hour minimum wage and strengthening Dodd Frank.

    This election will decide the future of our country and the Delmarva Peninsula. It is important that Delaware has a Senator who reflects the state’s values and champions policies that will rebuild America’s economy with a people and worker-centered focus. Senator Chris Coons does not have the voting record, belief system, or leadership needed to achieve these goals. A vote for Jessica Scarane on September 15th is not only essential for Delaware, but for the entire Delmarva Peninsula and our country.

    More information about Scarane’s campaign can be found at