LSPC Oppose Dan Cox Appointment

Salisbury, MD - On Thursday afternoon, a memo was released that revealed a request from Wicomico County Executive Julie Giordano to fire the county’s current special legal counsel & replace him with failed gubernatorial candidate, Dan Cox.

The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is disappointed  to see our Wicomico County Executive to repay political favors at the taxpayers expense. 

Our County’s current special legal counsel, Kevin Karpinski, has a long and distinguished career practicing law for local government, and would be replaced by a failed politician who doesn’t share the same experience or record of success as Karpinski.  He does however have a track record of losing frivolous lawsuits against the state over mandates, election law, and other topics. He was also overwhelmingly rejected by Maryland voters in 2022 due to his fringe political views. 

Dan Cox is also seeking to charge Wicomico county $350 per hour for his services. Our current special legal counsel Kevin Karpinski only charges the county $250 per hour. This is a 40% increase resulting in an extreme waste of taxpayers money.

This  conflict of interest is deeply concerning to the members of the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, & we call on County Executive Giordano to withdraw this unprofessional  request and focus on serving all of Wicomico County. Not just looking to repay political favors from 2022.

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