Lower Shore Progressive Caucus condemns Congressman Andy Harris for lying on Off-Shore Wind


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SALISBURY, MD January 24, 2023 -- 
The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is disappointed to see our Congressman Andy Harris spreading misinformation about the recent whale death on Assateague Island in an attempt to smear our region’s growing Off-Shore Wind industry.  

Despite the misleading statement by Congressman Andy Harris, there is no evidence indicating off-shore wind is responsible for the whale death. The Maryland-based company building the project, Ørsted, has openly worked with the local community by sharing  their surveying timeline. Orsted concluded their offshore surveys in Spring of 2022, & are not currently conducting offshore survey activity for Skipjack Wind. Ørsted-contracted vessels concluded surveys off the coast in the Spring of 2022 and did not experience any marine mammal strikes during their activities.

The offshore wind industry is subjected to some of the most stringent levels of environmental regulations  for marine mammals and protected species. Every aspect of offshore wind, from surveying to construction to operations, is reviewed by both federal and state agencies, and subject to protective conditions, including vessel speeds, seasonal restrictions for construction activities, and mandatory protected species observers. 

It is so well regulated and protected that the deputy chief for permits and conservation with National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries Office of Protected Resources, Benjamin Laws said, “I want to be unambiguous: There is no information supporting that any of the equipment used in support of offshore wind development could directly lead to the death of a whale.” It is clear that Congressman Harris is so concerned about the success of offshore wind, because it would have a direct detriment to the oil and gas coalitions that fund his campaigns. During the 2022 cycle alone, Congressman Harris received over $28,000 in campaign donations from various oil and gas groups. To the people of the Eastern Shore, it is very clear that Congressman Harris is more concerned with lining his pockets than providing long-lasting economic opportunity for his constituents.

LSPC Chair Jared Schablein said, “The truth is, that in no case has a whale been found to have been killed by offshore wind activity. It is time for Congressman Andy Harris and his allies to stop lying about offshore wind and support the amazing economic opportunity this industry is bringing to the Eastern Shore.  Local Progressives are committed to continuing our steadfast support for offshore wind because these projects will fight the climate crisis, establish local energy sources, and raise our area out of poverty with good paying jobs.”  

About Lower Shore Progressive Caucus We are an organization that fights for economic, social, and environmental justice. Our goal is to work on the local level to bring about positive change for the underserved and underprivileged. Our mission is to identify, recruit, and elect Progressive candidates, and to promote Labor and Progressive issues. 

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