Endorsement Presser 2020

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The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus 2020 Endorsements

SALISBURY, MD September 16, 2019 --  The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, a non-partisan, local activist organization committed to empowering working people, is proud to announce our endorsements for the 2019 local elections. We believe in the right for all individuals to obtain economic security and support systems and infrastructure that uphold economic, racial, and gender equity; not systems that only provide exorbitant profits for a few. Our endorsements reflect our values as an organization and we believe our endorsed candidates will fight for the citizens in our community and will uphold our goals within in their elected positions.


The Lower Shore Progressive Caucus is pleased to endorse the following candidates:


Bernie Sanders 

Worcester County Schoolboard Districts 3 

Jon Michael Andes 

Maryland Congressional District One

Mia Mason

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